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Apryl’s Favorite Photographers of Color Part I

I’ve had the good fortune of being acquainted with beautifully inspiring artists of color on this website over the past few years. Among all these amazing people are a few photographers I’d like to share with you. This installment features work by Jazmin Jones and Albrica Tierra.

Jazmin Jones, a bay area based babe, captures her surroundings with a unique vibrancy. A love of colors, the city, family, friends and strangers alike is reflected in her pattern filled world. Each image, so full of life, is reflective of the love and friendship that can be found in the world around us. Jones’ work is groovy, nostalgic and absolutely from the heart.

Check out her work @

Albrica Tierra photography is absolutely dreamy and memorable, graceful and full of love. Her images shed light on the beauty of our natural surroundings creating fantastic dreamscapes unique to her body of work. These images are transcendent, their subjects bold, all the while retaining a precious quality indicative of Tierra’s pastel world. Tierra just released an exciting new book of work, “A series about nostalgia, friendship and the acceptance of adulthood.” Never Promised is available for purchase now!

Check out her work @

Thanks for continuing to support artists of color everywhere. I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

Much love,

Apryl for SHADEMAG 2014

[Please do not delete caption. Thanks!!!]

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