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I called Azha completely sobbing the day I found out. She was in class so she told me to calm down and soon enough we had sold out tickets to Blood Orange in San Francisco. Countless times I’d spent thinking I would never see Dev Hynes perform. I’d told my professors I wouldn’t be attending class that day due to a prior commitment which really meant spending hours before preparing our looks for that night. One bottle of citrus sangria down, in honor of our night, we  continued to drink. Soon enough we stood outside the venue in a circle making prayers to the 80s, queer gods of goodness for allowing us this moment.

Doors had opened and all our friends headed inside the venue. As I was about to do so myself I spotted Dev Hynes and before I knew it Azha was headed in his direction. She told him about Shademag and how much of an inspiration he was to our world of QPOC art. I quickly followed and found myself in the moment as he asked us about the local thrift shopping while telling us he dug our style. Hennessy had me calmer than I’d ever imagined myself being in front of an earth angel.

Azh and I shrieked the lyrics to Bad Girls when Dev handed us the mic, something we’d only jokingly imagined weeks prior to the show. At one point he sang to Azha before jumping in the crowd which was a giant dance party. Needless to say our dreams came true that night and it still seems unreal when we watch the videos and look at these pictures. Dev Hynes is our Beyoncé, our Prince, our Michael Jackson and much more.

Photos taken by Azha, Written by Apryl 

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