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Meet muktamohanan LA based creative gem who does everything from DJing to throwing parties to working with Burger Records and various local artists bringing you the best of L.A. We got together with Mukta to create a playlist (compiled of MUSICIANS OF COLOR) for all our Shademag friends & supporters. Click through for the Summer Shade playlist. (✿◠‿◠)

Check out all of Mukta’s projects here & keep up with this dynamic babe :

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"I like to play local artists and frequently have community members on my radio show such as record label owners, artists, musicians, and people who like to explore and talk about Los Angeles. I think it’s important to highlight local artists because it validates that what they’re doing is worthy, encourages others to create and introduces their work to people in the community."

Photos taken by Vickki Acuna  [Please do not delete caption.]

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Laura Callaghan is a London based illustrator whose work has recently made its mark on the web. We stumbled upon her art on Tumblr and quickly became interested in getting to know a little more about this promising pop art queen. Callaghan’s work is a world of neon 80’s feelings, summer pool parties with your girlfriends, girl power and diversity. Azha and I were inspired by the inclusion of WOC in her paintings as we don’t often get to see the representation of girls like us in illustration. Check out our interview with Laura below.

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Apryl’s Favorite Photographer’s of Color Part II

This installment features work by Rahmeik Bowen and Azha Luckman.

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I was so happy when I came across Laz Huntiez and even happier when I found out they designed and sold Selena & Aaliyah inspired art. Quickly they became one of my favorite queer, xicanx artists and I now proudly own this Como la Flor Tee & an Amor Prohibido Sweater. Purchase unique, beautiful pieces here:




& follow LAZHUNTIEZ on tumblr !

-Apryl  SHADEMAG, 2014

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Los Ángeles

I recently went to see Damian John Harper’s debut film, Los Ángeles, at the LA Film Festival. The film’s subject matter sparked my interest as it dealt with the Zapotec community in the village of Santa Ana del Valle. My mother is a Zapoteca de Oaxaca so a lot of the imagery and themes hit close to home for us. Los Ángeles depicts the hardship of indigenous migration to the U.S. in hopes of providing for family back home. A story about a young man unfolds as he becomes involved in gang activity thinking this will assure his safety in the states. After seeing Harper speak I was disappointed that this film had not been conceptualized and directed by a person of color. Harper is an American, Colorado born anthropologist who took interest in the people of Oaxaca. White people’s inclination to document indigenous communities is something I see far too often. Despite Harper’s background I was pleased to see the representation of actual Zapotec voices as those in the film were not trained actors and instead people of the community in Santa Ana del Valle. I saw my family in a lot of the people on screen and overall it dealt with realities that otherwise do not get represented. Though I take issue with the dynamic between white anthropologists and indigenous communities the film made me nostalgic for Oaxaca and reminded me how blessed I am to be brown. It encourages me to document my mother’s story and continue to fight for the rights of my roots.

For more information on the film visit http://www.losangeles-film.com/index.html

-Apryl SHADEMAG,2014

Shade Compositions 2012 SFMOMA (27min. version) from RASHAAD NEWSOME on Vimeo.

RASHAAD NEWSOME // Shade Compositions

This piece was featured at SFMOMA in 2012 and inspired Azha and me to name our online zine Shade. Black women are often stigmatized because of their self expression. Shade Compositions explores women of color vernacular and the appropriation of their “sassy” expression as a global language. The 2012 iteration of this performance includes local WOC artists as well as drag performers. Presentation of this piece focuses on the evolution of the African American community in the bay area and how queer culture has drawn from methods of shade and reading.

For more information and art check out :




Apryl’s Favorite Photographers of Color Part I

I’ve had the good fortune of being acquainted with beautifully inspiring artists of color on this website over the past few years. Among all these amazing people are a few photographers I’d like to share with you. This installment features work by Jazmin Jones and Albrica Tierra.

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SHADEMAG at Blood Orange in San Francisco

Photos taken by Azha Luckman

I called Azha completely sobbing the day I found out.

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behind the scenes part 2